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July 20, 2014

Seven Month Blogger

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Missed my calling in life.  Should have been a three toed sloth.  That’s about how fast I move when it comes to things like housekeeping, automotive maintenance and blogging.  Oh to have been born a wealthy heiress.


December 22, 2013

Just Over the Horizon

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Probably less than graciously, I’m coming to some terms of acceptance about mortality.

Last week I wound up in an ambulance and then on into the ER then into the hospital itself for a few days after a very VERY agonizing gall bladder attack.  Neither a wimp nor Hercules, I, possibly more inclined toward feats of the budget Herculean-esque, I’m here to tell you that it truly is possible to be toppled and dominated by something probably no more than the size of a caraway seed. The pain was so slicing intense and consuming and went on for so long that, being unable to fight it any longer, I began slipping into and out of consciousness.  Of course, I didn’t have the presence of mind to dial 911.  All credit goes to my roommate Joni who I’m certain saved my life.

All my recollections are scanty now.  Like the arrival of the paramedics, how one of them insisted on yanking me back to terra firma each time I tried to submerge into blissful darkness. He kept making me answer routine questions like my age, my cat’s name, other mundane things and all the while it was all I could do to make my voice work in tandem with my not entirely present mind.  Scanty but surreal snatches of what seemed like days and days which all happened over the course of maybe an hour.  I’ve no recollection at all of actually being admitted to the ER although I recall sort of watching from outside of myself as my body was guided through a large ring which I think was a CAT scan.  One moment it would look like a big, round, beige, plastic medical contraption well off in the distance.  The next it looked as if someone had pasted countless colorful tiny sparkly glass jewels all over it.  More than anything else, though, it’s the memory of pain that I’m sure I’ll take to the grave.

There’s no hurt, though, like the ache in my heart tonight.  My sweet Mama, already in the ICU of a hospital nearly two thousand miles away, finally gave in to time and life’s one sole certainty.  After seventy five years of hard work, harder living, having six children and burying one, having her heart broken so many times yet always finding her way back to happiness, God or whoever waits just over the horizon for us all called her home.

I love you forever, Mama.   You earned your wings so long ago.  Finally, now, your rest.

November 12, 2013

Hello, Old Blog

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I am forgetful, frazzled, too often overextended and the queen of making excuses for myself.  I had forgotten all about this fine WordPress blog which apparently I’d set out to use to ramble about the two things that usually most concern me: dogs and sharing living space in my home which isn’t really mine just in order to survive here in the Whine Country.   Yes, I said *whine*.

During these years of abject blog neglect my life has done what all lives do – it has changed.  I’ve changed.  In 2007 some daunting health issues forced me out of the workplace, at least the job I once had, detested and thought I’d be thrilled to say farewell to.  Mostly I don’t miss it at all but very (very) occasionally I yearn for the old days when I was THE BOSS.  Mostly it’s the pay I miss which is ridiculous because I was hardly ever more than an indentured servant.  Now I keep body and soul together doing a little web design and, a lot less, dog grooming.  Small dogs, thanks.   Sometimes, rarely, house sitting for a small cluster of friends who love the idea of having someone they trust stay in their homes, tend their pets and bring in their mail.  Small things of small consequence except one – what I now do is pretty much on my own terms.

It amazes me how much space these friends have.  And the superfluousness of their stairs.  I’m always ready to return home to my familiar old crispy brown carpet, cob webs, demanding pets and a roommate who is intelligent, companionable and fun.

And finally, after what’s becoming a reasonably long lifetime, I have a goal.

I’m intent on reading the internet in its entirety.

Yeah, okay, so I’m still a little nutty but I’m kinder to others and to myself.   More patient, too.  Took some doing (oh man, oh man!) but now I know it is God’s mystery, mastery, power and unceasing love that has helped me make these changes possible although I am hard pressed to define in words what I suppose has to be, simply, accepted.

I’ve also figured out, too, that at no time, have I ever been without any of God’s goodness.

Til next time, and it won’t be three whole years, I am still the

~ Doggoddess.

February 3, 2010

A Letter from an Insurance Agent. . . Please crosspost

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Farmers Insurance – New Policy of Non-discrimination toward pets and pet owners!

Dear Prospective Clients,

My name is Calah Kulm and I am a local agent for Farmers Insurance in Spokane, WA. As many of you have probably heard, Farmers is now insuring homes that have ANY type of dog breed. There is no official announcement per se but all states have recently changed their underwriting guidelines to not discriminate against breeds. If your agent is uncertain, simply have him/her call their underwriting department to ask about it. Also, please call me with any questions and/or concerns and particularly if you live within my area and would like to meet with me! I look forward to helping you all and again, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

Calah Kulm
Farmers Insurance
41 W. Riverside Ste 220
Spokane, WA 99201
Bus: (509) 270-2898

January 27, 2010

Can You Live With My Dogs?

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Before we discuss my offer, there’s something important you should know.  I have two dogs, both of them “rescues” and one of them has issues.  Or at least a problem.

First, there’s Queenie the Chihuawhat.  Chihuahua and what else, who knows?  I adopted her from the local humane society shelter.  She’s about a year and a half old, tips the scales around 6.5 pounds.  Full of mischief, loves to run and play, her past abuses weren’t so traumatic that it affected her behavior in a negative way beyond some occasional yapping which I’m fairly good at controlling.  She’s such a cool little dog that it blows my mind that anyone would surrender her to the shelter but sometimes shit happens.

Now mind you, if you leave a door open she’ll probably try to sneak out so I have to impress upon you to be careful coming and going.  Also, if you leave the door to your room open she might go in and steal your socks.  Beyond this, she’ll probably fall in love with you especially if you offer her a treat, something I’m always happy to provide.

Still with me?

Then there’s Willy…  He presents an issue that might be a bit difficult for the average person to deal with.

Willy’s a Pomeranian who’s estimated to be between 10 and 12 years old.  I think it’s an over-estimation, my guess is more like eight or nine, but the people at Muttville, a rescue shelter for senior dogs, say he’s older.  He tips the scales around eight pounds so he’s little like Queenie.

Like Queenie, Willy’s history is sketchy except for one thing.  There’s no doubt in my mind Willy came from a very abusive background.  If you shake your finger at him he’ll cower down to the ground like he’s been assaulted.  Wave a rolled up magazine or newspaper at him and he almost goes into seizures from fright.  Only dogs that have been badly beaten or hurt react in such fearfully drastic ways to such benign actions.

So what’s his issue or problem?


When you come or go, Willy’s going to raise hell and go into attack mode.  I’ve been doing all I know to correct this unwanted behavior but it’s going to take time and, hopefully, someone willing to help me.  He loves me like crazy, something that often baffles me but for which I’m very grateful.  I don’t think of myself as anything special or as having any special powers other than the fact that I’ve been a dog lover all my life.

The day I went to Muttville to meet Willy for the first time they warned me about his aggressiveness.  I was almost tempted to say “pass” but I’d already seen pictures of him on the internet and, beyond thinking he’s beautiful, I felt one of those inexplicable connections.  I was instructed to sit quietly on the sofa and wait until they could bring Willy out so that’s what I did.  Waited and wondered if I was going to be mauled but figured I didn’t have all that much to fear from a little Pomeranian.

So, here comes Willy the bad ass.  He didn’t lunge at me.  He didn’t even bark.  Big as you please, he got up on the sofa next to me, put his front paws in my lap and looked me straight in the eyes.  So much for dangerous, frightening aggression.  More like love at first sight.

Sadly, Willy doesn’t react to others the way he does me.  Like I said, he goes on the attack.  Well, as much as he’s able to attack.  So there’s no misunderstanding — he lunges and barks.  He growls, too.  A lot.

But he doesn’t bite.

He can’t bite. Whoever had Willy before Muttville rescued him fed him such a bad diet, gave him such poor care, that it led to severe periodontal disease.  His teeth were slowly killing him so they had to be extracted, every single one.  So no matter how aggressively he reacts toward others he can’t hurt anyone.

Now you know.

I want to rent the room to someone who has a real love, real respect for animals and the patience to at least acknowledge my dogs when they’re coming and going.  Just something silly like “Hey, gang!  Who wants a treat?”.  Nothing that involves prolonged training periods because I could never rightfully demand such time and effort from anyone.  Just some silliness and friendliness.  I truly believe this would be the key to helping Willy overcome his aggression problem.

I’ll happily provide the treats.  By the way — silliness and friendliness cuts across all ways.  It isn’t limited solely to the dogs.  I believe home should always be a place of welcome.

Would you still like to see the room?

January 26, 2010

Want: Goodness. Don’t Want: Assholes.

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Guess that says it all.

How easy!

January 24, 2010

What I want and don’t want #1

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What I DO and DO NOT want Roommate-wise:

I want someone who pays rent on time and in full.

I do not want someone who needs long written lists of house rules.

I want someone who knows how to dwell peacefully, respectfully and responsibly with others.

More to come…..

January 23, 2010

Why I dislike the word “Roommate”

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I dislike it mostly because I feel I’m too old to even have a roommate.  And no, don’t ask me how old that might be.  Thanks.

I dislike the word because it implies too much sharing, more than my room offer allows.  I rent out a room in my residence in order to augment my income.  The extra money allows me to survive in one of the nation’s most expensive economies.  My name is on the lease, no one else’s.  It’s also on all the utility bills as well as the bills for internet and television service (which currently I don’t have, being not much of a tv watcher).  I paid all the deposits, too.

My experience has been that people who want to rent a room in someone else’s home are usually looking for temporary situations in addition to a way of saving money.  Often they’re students at the local junior college, away from home for the first time, who haven’t had time or opportunity to establish their credit.  Other times I’ve rented to people who were starting over in life – relocating to the area for new careers or getting back on their feet after divorces or other catastrophes.  Again, people looking to save money whose credit may not be that great.  People who appreciate the convenience of only having to pay monthly rent without all the obligation and responsibility of all the other ongoing expenses.

We don’t share just “a” room.  We share several – the bathroom, kitchen, sometimes the living room, the garage and patio.  However, I provide the washer and dryer, usually all the kitchen and cooking necessities and, on a couple of occasions, have even provided blankets and towels.  Not everyone arrives fully equipped.  I don’t mind as long as they don’t mind that what they might get isn’t brand new or all that terrific.

So, I dislike the word roommate even if it is the only word I’ve been able to come up with for the situation I offer.  The people I rent to aren’t my tenants because I pay the rent to a landlord.  They aren’t lodgers because this isn’t a hotel.  Besides that I refuse to be anyone’s concierge.   Still, the word roommate just doesn’t fit.

I’ll just have to keep thinking about it…

A Home With Special Pets

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For many years I’ve rented a nice size bedroom in my home along with various privileges and amenities.  It ensures that I can continue to pay my own rent.  For the most my efforts have not only paid off for me but the takers have had a safe, sane place to live while saving towards better places of their very own.  Most of these renters (I dislike the word “roommate”) have even become friends.

Now I face doing it all over again…

Today I’m going to use this scrumptious WordPress blog to try something a little different.  Before I advertise the room, probably on Craigslist, I’m going to create a Universal Statement of Intent, a cosmic plea if you will, in order to more clearly define who and what I want in a renter.  It will probably get to be a very long post but once I have it all spelled out then I’ll condense it so it can be used in an ad.

December 26, 2009

In Praise & Forgiveness of the Cat – an Essay

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Eternal source of dignity and elegance, the Cat never conceals her beauty nor is she capable for the only trait she lacks is humility. A creation of such extraordinary, breathtaking, vibrating mystery, surely it was never God’s intent that the Cat should ever bow her head or become meek with modesty. For being conceived in conceit, sanctioned in haughtiness by the highest of all mystical powers, the Cat’s only obesiance is in responce to her own whim and will.

Legendarily diffident, stridently indifferent to all things but her own ideas, when the esteemed Cat does deign to bestow her warmth and affection upon those of us of the human ilk, she does so in utter and guileless sincerity. Despite her conceit, she knows not deceit, openly and honestly acknowledging all things worthy of her attention and ministrations. All others may take leave or endure as they may as she silently glides into her long and blissful daytime rest but be certain her bowls are sparkling clean and full before she embarks on her clandestine and nocturnal forays.

People would do well to follow the noble Cat’s stride. To esteem themselves more highly and know they truly have the right to be at home in the confusing world; to stand shoulder to shoulder with all others but be less concerned with standing head and shoulders above the rest. This, the head above, is the Cat’s milieu along with gracefully commandeering the best seat in the house to use as her personal nail file. Unless it’s the cherished four hundred dollar silk jacket which just cost you twenty to have dry cleaned. Seek her in such places for this is likely where she’ll be found, sprawled languidly upon your treasures and wherever she wishes to commission lush palanquins of her own configuration and discretion.

And never expect her to vie for your affection. Such a stupid notion! The Cat may demand her due, rightly or not, whether it’s her human’s adoring and well placed strokes or another small serving of fresh cream. She may do so when she pleases. Usually at three in the morning. There are rules which one must observe. Never forget the Cat is never to be ignored unless, of course, she’s at rest. She may choose to test your skills in a round of a raucous game devised by her exotic Egyptian forebears countless generations before. The one best known as “In Or Out, Kitty, Do Please Make Up My Mind!”. Only she knows the rules to this complex battle of wit and patience; only she may pronounce the winner. You have only to accept it will not be you and therefore senseless to question if you’ve been cheated.

The Cat is always to be forgiven all crime and sin, for such martyring notion such as punishment is never, never to be exacted. You may gently and politely extricate her from your favorite cashmere sweater then usher her back onto the silk jacket but at no time, for no reason is the Cat ever to be doled punitive measures. Certainly this is a crime against nature and sins only we bumbling mortals commit. She is to be admired, even respected for the havoc she may sometimes choose to wreak, the mayhem she may suddenly cause and solely because only she can.

If her cunning, even cruel and murderous ways should repulse you, leave quietly and leave her to her savagery. But should she choose to share her quarry with you, be gracious. Praise and thank her for her courage in ridding your dwelling of unwanted creatures. The only exception, the one and only time the praiseworthy and perfect Cat may be chastised, not punished, is if she should develop a penchant for birds. If she does, she must be curbed but only with great unction and tenderly. Profound and abject regret must be expressed with ceremonious prayers of penitence offered to the Great Creator. As you fasten the tiny bell to her collar weep, for your tears are appropriate, but remain resolute. Grieve until she decides to return to her home and you. She will. With indignity but without remorse, she will return home. And never forget that it’s only for her and her maker to understand why she, created so perfect in all ways, was not granted wings to fly.

It may serve you well to remember that, without coaxing or effort, the Cat can straightly ascend heights ten times her own or higher. Humans, less worthy, cannot ever compete. We sink to our knees, even fall on our asses.

The Cat always lights on her feet.

~ doggoddess

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